Silas Otim

Take 10 deep breaths.

Taking deep breaths can not only help more blood flow into your lungs, it can also work as a way of meditating and allowing you to calm your mind and body down

Slowly count up to 30.

Taking the time to count slowly allows you to think about something else for those 30 seconds, allowing you to evaluate what it is causing you distress

Put on one of your favourite songs.

Music has many benefits to help out your emotions. A favourite song will allow you to remember the first time you heard it and take you away from the issue causing you distress

Look at a picture/poster

A beautiful view to take you out of your distress. Visuals have a way of allowing the mind to look at something beautiful and appreciating the beauty instead of focussing on the distress

Reach out and try to talk to a close friend or family member.

Speaking with a loved one and explaining what you are going through is always a good thing, as they say “ a problem shared, is a problem solved…”

A long walk

Go for a long walk or a bike ride (Exercise always helps). When you are exercising, its a way for your body to work on a goal and also for your mind to focus on that goal. When exercising aerobically, the rush of oxygen and blood through your body, makes you feel some sort of accomplishment.

Try to meditate

( Sit on the floor in a quiet room, close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing). Meditation has been used for thousands of years and it been proven that this has many benefits for your mental health and well-being.



Reading passages from your BIble/Quaran/Torah (depending on your religion). Having faith and allowing for a higher force to come and take over any situation you are facing, is like a burden has been lifted from your shoulders. 


Switching everything off

(TV/Mobile phone/Laptop) and lying down and try to block everything out. When you are alone with just your thoughts and no distractions, you can think clearly and come up with a solution.


Try doing an activity

Try to do an activity which you need to concentrate on to take your mind off the issue which is causing you distress (Crossword/Puzzle/or a mental game). Mental activities not only strengthen you, but they also allow for you to escape for a while and focus on something else.