How to handle first year vet school


Learning to be a veterinarian can be an exciting and scary time for anyone especially if you are just starting out and at MRVSA we want to help you!. Over the years we have picked out a few tips and tricks based on our own experience. 


  1. Don't be too hard on yourself

    It is a new environment, you miss your friends and family and you dont want to disappoint anyone. So you try your best to learn everything and adapt asap. But you are being harder on yourself more than usual. You don’t need to, you are just starting out in life and the first few months or even years will be tough, you will face different situations you never encountered before. So just relax and let whatever happens happen, you will learn a lot.

  2. Study, study, study

    Studying is one of the most important things you can do. So study as much as you can but be careful don't overwhelm yourself. Maybe develop a system for studying so it becomes easier.

  3. Make friends

    You are in a new place and a new you! Take your time, meet new people and learn new things, join an organization at your university or a group.

  4. Try and gain as much experience as you can

    Yes you are now a fully grown adult and in the real world. Soon you will have bills, kids and work to deal with all the time. But you need experience to get experience. Ask friends and people around if they need help with your pets. Remember every little experience helps.

  5. Learn different things

    Learn to cook, learn to fly, learn to bungy jump you wont have it again.You have a lot of free time so use it wisely :)


Bones tip: 


If things get hard remember why you started studying

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